Marietta, Georgia

Restrictive Covenants

All properties within Laurel Springs are subject to restrictive covenants designed to maintain the value, attractiveness, and integrity of the neighborhood.  State law authorizes Laurel Springs Association to enforce restrictive covenants within its boundaries.  Periodic inspections of the entire neighborhood take place and homeowners and/or tenants are notified when violations occur.  The Board of Directors has sole authority to make findings, determinations, rulings, and orders with respect to adherence to the restrictive covenants.

All new residents to Laurel Springs are strongly encouraged to read the Synopsis of Restrictive Covenants.  Complete copies of all restrictive covenants and covenant related policies are available under the Resources section of this page.


If you receive a violation notice, do not disregard.  In most cases, fine assessments continue on a daily basis until violations are resolved.  Disregard of these notices will lead to substantial fine assessments and legal action for enforcement and collection.

Also be aware that until all violations have been resolved and fine assessments paid, your rights to use all amenities within Laurel Springs (pool, tennis courts, and lake) are suspended.

See the Policy for the Assessment and Collection of Covenant Violation Fines for additional information.

Reporting A Violation

All reports of violations are kept confidential.  Any resident or member of Laurel Springs may report a violation to:

Rental Property

All homeowners are responsible for ensuring their property adheres to all restrictive covenants of Laurel Springs.  All homeowners that intend to rent their property should be aware that any and all covenant violation fine assessments related to their property are the sole responsibility of the homeowner - not the occupants/tenant renting the property.  In addition to all home and landscape violations, this also includes all violations pertaining to any vehicles parked at the property (driveway and street).  It is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure that all violation notices are received from the occupant/tenant renting the property.  Failure of a homeowner to receive any notification from the occupant/tenant renting the property does not nullify the notice.