Marietta, Georgia

Payments to Laurel Springs

Laurel Springs Association collects payments for the following items:

  • Homeowner Annual Dues
  • Covenant Violation Fine Assessments
  • Outside Memberships

Please note that all online payments must be made for the full amount due - partial payments are not allowed.


Annual Dues

All Laurel Springs homeowners are responsible for paying annual dues to Laurel Springs Association.  Each year during the fall term, the Board of Directors will establish annual dues for the next calendar year.  Notices are mailed to all homeowners and payments are due by January 1st of each year.

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Covenant Violation Assessments

All imposed covenant violation fine assessments issued to Homeowners by the Board of Directors must be paid to Laurel Springs Association.  All payments must be received by the noted due date.

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Outside Memberships

Each year Laurel Springs Association makes available a limited number of outside memberships to families that do not live in Laurel Springs.  These memberships allow families the use of Laurel Springs amenities (swimming pool, tennis courts, and lake) for one calendar year.  All outside memberships are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

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