Marietta, Georgia

Swimming Pool

Pool amenities are available to all Laurel Springs homeowners and members.  Limited outside memberships are available for purchase by families that do not live in Laurel Springs and wish to use the swimming pool.

Lifeguard Authority

  • The lifeguard has full authority at the pool at all times when on duty
  • The lifeguard has authority to institute additional rules or restrictions as conditions warrant
  • The lifeguard has the authority to call the police if needed for any situation

Rules & Restrictions

  • Proper swim attire must be worn at all times
  • No glass containers
  • No pets
  • No diving
  • No running
  • No chewing gum
  • Presence while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted
  • You may not use the pool if you have skin infections, colds, nasal or ear discharge, communicable diseases, excessive sunburn, open sores or bandages of any kind
  • Babies or non-potty trained children must wear swimming diapers at all times
  • Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult
  • All guests must be accompanied by members
  • Pool parties and events are not permitted without prior approval
  • All lifeguard instructions must be followed
  • All posted rules must be followed
  • Inappropriate behavior is not permitted (fighting, stripping, use of vulgar or profane language, damage to pool property, theft, etc.)
  • Violation of any rule or restriction can result in the immediate suspension of membership and/or fine assessment
  • Homeowners or members in violation of covenants are not permitted to use the pool
  • Homeowners or members with delinquent annual dues or assessments are not permitted to use the pool